That love for you!♥



There’s the thing I shouldn’t do

and yet, and now I have

the rest of the day to

make up for, not

undo, that can’t be done

but next time,

think more calmly,

breathe, say here’s a new

morning, morning,


Small things☺

When life doesn’t seem to be in our favor, it’s still possible for us to spark an upward spiral of positive emotions and experiences.

Even if we begin with just one small thing, like reminding ourselves to smile at certain times of the day, small things beget more small things, which build off of each other and make a difference.


Something I will never forget, something I should have been forgotten…

Something that cannot be undone,
Something that can never be erased or rewound…

A nightmare to others,
But an encouragement to those who hurt, to move on..

A thing called happiness,
Or a thing called sorrow…

What matters most,
Memories still inspire us to continue, to inspire, and forgive others…

Pause and then repeat!

You always twist my words around.
Shield the happiness I found.
Bring me back to the dark.
You pretend that I am safe.
Wrapped up in your arms.
Playing with my heart.
And I fall in love again.
You everything.
How bittersweet.
Because you drop me down again
Into misery.
Pause and then repeat.

The loop !

“They both loved each other”

What was wrong?


“They both had chances to retain each other”

What was wrong then?

“Third person in their lives”

“Now they both wanted to be together”

But what was still wrong?

“Now the love was not same”

Both were “trying” to love eachother,

Due to their horrible past.

Now they both were somewhere broken souls

Trying to heal the broken part with each others love left!

Unsatisfied love !

I thinks he loves me,
Or its just an illusion..
I think i love him 🤔🤔
Or maybe just his memories..
I think it would be great to be with him 😍
But only if he treats me the way i deserve..
I think i am mistaken
I think i just cant live with the fact that why he hurted me?
Why i want to be with such kind of guy, where probability of trusting him is just 10% and probability oh him leaving me is 90% ..
Why i m with such kind of guy who is confused for me !
I dont want to be with him!
Even though i love him very much.. its my self -respect which comes first.